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Animation tests


Like my animation? Interested in taking part in my giant anime project and suffer with me together?

Take these tests and submit the result to me, if you pass you are in.

Colorist's test: 35 colorists have passed
test- animation colorist by mayshing

Inker's test: 8 inkers have passed (need more)
inkers-test by mayshing

Tweening test: 1 passed (urgently needed)
Animation test- easy tween by mayshing

Shadow animation test: (urgently needed) 2 tried, 1 listed
Animation test-light and shading by mayshing

Layout painting test: none has tried
Layout painting test -advance by mayshing

Commission PLUGs

Club I am in:
:iconcrazy-directors-club: :iconcalligraphers: :iconheavycat: :iconsva-club:

:iconkehven: (anime/animator/manga artist)
is taking emergency commission in order to pay his rent after he had to leave his parents in order to keep doing art.

:iconlaiden-cerise: said the following:

Me and my siblings are trying to raise additional money to pay the hospital bills of our mom's recent surgeries..She had acute appendicitis & severe myoma and had undergone operation last Friday. My little sister, :icondevAkaReikou: opened her artwork commissions in DA for the first time so we can earn some money to help pay the bills...Pls help us spread the word...
Pls see this link for details

Good artists who are in trouble are: TA DAAAA~ :music:
For :iconzue:
She has a friend in dire situation and she's helping her to raise funds, please check out their beautiful and super cheap offers.
Go HERE >> :star:…

:iconcetriya: on moving artbook collections sale, cheap good stuff, help her unload:…

:iconsoreiya: Open for cheap, but beautiful FF7 like style commissions, ranges from 3-15 USD.…

PLUG: :iconmariaarnt: Summer Commission Sale ID by MariaArnt
Summer sale commission open

Commission info:…

Thank you for looking!
Cat on Fish by EelGod




:iconhawkheart11: :iconfatalgod23: :iconomega-valeth-sama: :iconwolfhunner: :iconfer58:

My manga shenshu is now on webtoons, rate for me? 

22 deviants said sure~ >…
14 deviants said webtoons?…

Candy Candy Fan animation audition [paid]

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2015, 1:11 PM
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My contact:

This is an extremely small job... but if you are interested in this kind of show, 
it's a small/paid gig with high quality visuals for final product and such for your resume/reel.
The show is a fan animation of an ancient Japanese anime, Candy Candy:

DUE time: Jan 31th

Screen shots from the fan animation: 

My client is going to likely want a voice range similar to the original english dub.
My goal is to get it VERY close to the original manga style. 
Main characters are Candy and Terry: 

Time setting: USA, 1920s
Show style: Slice of life, historical



Voice range: middle female (to slightly high)

Voice accent: American 

Client request: Don't make her sound too much like a girl but a matured young lady

About the character: 
American. in her 20s. In the original series she's an orphaned energetic girl who has a strong personality, she is consistently smiling and won't hesitate to fight back or get into a fist fight with other boys. She climbs trees and like to play with animals, and she loves people. Later she turned into a nurse. 

In this short animation however, she is adult, a woman in her 20s, and slightly more modest and formal but still has her usual cheer. 

Candy english voice reference: 

Test lines: (read the underlined words in bold, the other info is from the fan novel by my client for your acting reference) 

At last, Candy’s voice breaks, and tears flowing from her eyes. She pulls her arm back and beats him on the chest. “Don’t you ever!...” so much emotions choking in her throat she can hardly speak, “Don’t you ever leave me like this again! Don’t you dare!” 

Beyond shock, Terry embraces her and holds tightly in his arms. “What are you doing here?” he asks in disbelief. “Don’t leave, Terry. Don’t leave!” Candy cries. “I didn’t send you that letter. I was going to come tell you...I was going to tell you…but you left!” 
(Acting direction: Make it so she keeps herself proper, not like a desperate housewife, but as a young lady who is somewhat holding back her emotion yet still bursting out with anger and sadness) 


Voice range: Deep male

Voice accent: British

About the Character:
British, age in his 20s. so he needs to have a British accent, he lives in America for a while but later returned to Britain. He's a rebel, noble family character who would smoke cigar outside of class and get into fights with kids. Sort of a loner with a mysterious family background. His mother is actually a famous British actress who was a mistress of a noble family. He's the type that is slow to admit his true feelings but at this point of the short, he has already admitted to her.

Personality wise, he's the type that would force a kiss on Candy, also get into a fight with her, he also has playfulness in him that makes him somewhat unpredictable in action. 

Terry JP voice reference:

(*sorry can't find english one. ^^b) 

TERRY test lines, please read the underline word in bold:
Beyond shock, Terry embraces her and holds tightly in his arms. “What are you doing here? he asks in disbelief. “Don’t leave, Terry. Don’t leave!” Candy cries. “I didn’t send you that letter. I was going to come tell you...I was going to tell you…but you left!” Realization dawning on him. Candy has come back to him. “Stay,” Candy says to him. He looks at her, heart ecstatic, a smile appearing on his face. “No.” He says.

You’re coming with me,” he answers, taking her into his arms and planting a lasting kiss on her lips. 

Terry shakes his head. In his mind, he thinks of a fireplace, where he and Candy sat alone away from the rest of the world. 

My life is a graveyard without her. 
Acting direction: Make him sound more reflective and subtly emotional, try to get the British accent. Best wishes. 

*Recording requirement
please try to meet it the best you can, but if you are close enough and you are chosen by my client, I can talk to my sound director about it to give you additional direction on a clean recording: 
Proper testing procedure for Average Recording Level and Noise Floor:
-Record the room (silent recording) with the level on the meter not exceeding -60dB
-Continue recording at the same level as the room tone while staying within the -18dB to -6dB range 

*Ensure that levels do not exceed -6dB

Use of any sound processing (Compression, EQ, Noise Filters) is not permitted, only minor editing such as removing unwanted sounds and crossfading between takes
•NO Vocal Effects (Reverb, Delay)

Wave Format (.wav)
Mono File (The voice is from one source not two)
Sampling Rate: 44.1k or greater (please inform if greater)
Bit Rate: 16-Bit

Lastly, I attached some images/storyboard for your reference on what the job is. You don't need to read any lines on the storyboard.

Read more:…

Click to vote to see extra side story, or wips, update Wed, Sunday: (spam voting welcome XD)

I hang out at: (add me if you want)
+ My youtube
+ My twitter
+ Livestream
+ SmackJeeves
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+ mangamagazine


:star: My Golden Rules:
No request, no art trade. sorry too busy.
-I take commissions,
( commission is paid request) contact me through notes or e-mail
-I will offer gift art, and take gift art
-I dislike hentai, or yaoi (personal preference)


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Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: soft rock, classical, jazz, native american
Favourite style of art: JP anime, traditional
MP3 player of choice: Windows media
Favourite cartoon characters: My Own, friend's characters, and characters whom their creators love for years. (they tend to be the best ones)
Personal Quote: Leave something for the future, something they can hold onto

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Commissions: SLOT FULL!
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Weekly updates:
1. Animation Libation Studios LLC animating pilot/animatic
2. :iconhelenefontaine: : 10% Candy Candy manga and animation
3. Sozo film edit - Lvl3 starting

Monthly update:
2. :iconaurorawhite: 8 character sketch- 30%

Art trade: Nothing currently

Art trade rules: Only if my production and your production has something to offer one another then I might agree to the art trade.... if I am not swamped in my job atm. ^^b


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