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February 16, 2010
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Have you ever tried to talk to an artists you admire on DA and s/he ignores you?
Well, there's a few tips on how to talk to them and get more comments back...
I don't say this will always work, because some artists are just too busy, or too shy to talk back, but it will work better than if you just bluntly ask a question.

There are nice artists who will answer your question, so make them feel a bit special for doing you a favor.

Here's my tip on how to talk to some big name artists...


1. Research first, check their blogs for FAQ if you have a question such as...

1. what pen/paper/program/medium did you use?

>>>(tools related, trust me, usually its on their FAQ)

2. Hi, you're good.... what do you recommend for a tablet?

>>>(Go to forums to ask that please, search forum for old threads on it, don't bother them with this.)

3. Hello, what brushes did you use, can you share it? Did you use Photoshop?

>>>(Don't ask so fast, search their gallery or use search engine, and they have the right not to share it, it's what they will earn a living with)

4. Can you check out my work? Please check my gallery~!

>>>(plain rude, especially if you have no relationship to the person, even if you aren't requesting for their art, you are requesting their time, upload a nice icon, perhaps they might take a look because your icon looks nice.)

5. How did you do this or that?

>>>(check if they have tutorials/blogs/news on that already.... usually they do.)

Famous artist's mind: Who the hell are you? I'm not obligated to answer that. (this is after 100 of these basic questions keep repeating themselves, so don't be one of them, you already have strike one on impression)

Finally, after the research, if some of your questions is still not answered, then you can consider sending them something.


2. First, Tell them how you like their work, be specific: Praise them either on what you see they are passionate about, be sincere and specific, such as

"I just love the way you illustrate all the details/emotions/ it really come through"
"I love your ______________ (a specific piece in their gallery)"

if you have nothing you can say about what you admire about them, don't talk to them.  

Most of the artists like seeing comments for more than 2 lines on their art, at least invest some time on them before you ask them to invest some time on you.

(After this you can either state your request/question or go to #3)


The next point is not always required, because some artists like it personal, some prefer it short and sweet, but you can add it if you think it will help with the conversation:

3. Introduce yourself a little: Tell them your age, interest, what you aspire to become, what you like in common to their work.
Be modest with your tone, like...

Ex: Hello, I am <insert your name, age>(it helps if you mention your age, they will know who they are talking to.

I really like your work because _____________
and I aspire to be_________________
(You can add other juicy details, but make sure you aren't getting too long with it, busy people don't like long notes)


4. After all of these, then finally state your request~~!

Ex: I have trouble with ______________ can you please help me? Any feedback will be appreciated, thank you!


5. Then finally close with something like this...

"Thank you for reading my note/letter, I totally appreciate your time..."
"If you are busy I totally understand..."
"I would love to learn from you, I hope for a reply."

This is just a tip, personalize the content in your own words will help, and try to double, triple check before you send, for grammar or typo.

And because I wrote this, don't write to me using it word for word, I will know you are being lazy. lol

Keep in mind their time cost money
Understand that if they reply you, it's them taking their time, and their time is usually pricey, the more famous they are, the more pricey their time is.

And know not all artists are equipped to teach, some of them might not be able to give you a good answer, don't take it personal, and don't think they are lazy or mean because they can't answer it the way you want it.

And know that if they fail to reply, wait a few days or 1 week before you ask again, don't act desperate for an answer, that just turn them off.

After all these, your words might still fall on death ear, simply because not all artists like to reply to their notes/comments/ etc

Don't take it personally, find the next big artist you want to talk to and try again.

Q: What do you consider as a big/famous artist?
A: Anyone whose work you like, and you look upto, and have more established career, or site traffic than you.

Q: What if I don't have anything smart to say other than "awesome" or "wow, cool!"

A: Use this: Words to use to describe art elements
and try to describe emotions you felt from the piece will help too.

Q: I thought the only way to get their attention was being a dick.

A: Not all attention is good, if you get a popular artist upset at you, they do have the power to call on a mob against you, and get you banned really quickly, though its at their own risk, they DO have that power.

Just treat them as humans, ok? Everyone wants to be treated nice. Maybe some of them rather have their little private corner, there are always those who will be nice and answer questions as well.

Lastly, EVERYONE deserves to be treated this way, so practice that polite manner. It can get you far.
I feel strangely accomplished writing this.... :faint:

Though I am not the biggest artist there is... the origin of this article is a common frustration that high profile people share.

I had enough of kids with no idea about greeting manners, instead of making a blog to complain about it, I figured they needed some education.
(I see all who has no manners as KIDS, I don't care how old they actually are.)

Here it is, my tips on how to request a favor in learning something from a big name artist.

In the future, if someone fails to apply this to me, all they will see is a link to this deviantion.

If you feel like you want to translate this or pass this on, feel free.

And I hope people paid attention to my first point. It's my first point for a reason.
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Bubble66 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very helpful thank you :hug:
Thanks. This was really helpful, I've got the being polite part down but I can't ask an actual question without feeling stupid. Again great tut.
Mysterycookie Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011
this is so completely true! i can't even understand how people get the idea that others will look to their gallery when they are spamming like that. i am always trying to be nice and watch everyone as much as i can... and make comments that really show that you have looked at someones art. (so no random 'OSOM' or 'WOW NICE' comments) that is what i like people to say, so i do it to other people. strange that some people don't even seem to notice that that is appreciated much more though..

so thanks for this tutorial. i hope it cleared something up for those people (though i won't call them stupid or assholes, it is just, they probably don't know that they sound rude that way.)

btw i am sorry for my bad grammar <__<
mayshing Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Filmographer
:hug: Thanks i hope it helps some people. :)
Joichiroll Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Oh gosh this is soo true, especially the rudest of all comments: "Can you check out my works ... see my gallery!" I hate that so much, no matter what context they put this quote in, so PLEASE; do not start demanding people to do this nor spam this on their main page.
mayshing Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Professional Filmographer
i get that all the time. lol
DreaChu Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really don't think people need a tutorial on how to communicate with other people.

To be honest (not trying to be rude) this just looks like "Kiss Ass 101". (not trying to be rude, just stating what this looks like)
mayshing Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Professional Filmographer
If people knew how to smooth properly/have manners i would not have been prompted to do a tutorial, a lot of kids don't know how to greet properly.

of course, if they can't find anything good to say to the artist they like in honesty, its better not to write them.
DreaChu Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah but I don't want people trying to be someone they're not if they're trying to talk with me.

It's almost like being fake.

I don't want someone coming up to me kissing my ass then getting the impression that they're actually a nice person when in reality they're just trying to get information from me and they're actually a rude ass hole lol
mayshing Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Well, from my experience, the ass holes usually just takes your answer and leave, not a single thank you or nothing after you give it to them. And if they feel like bothering you next time they will note you again asking "what program you used?" or "can you tell me this or that?"

If they at least bothered to follow this guideline, they are already less ass hole/n00b than they originally were. lol~ XD
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